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The Impact of Sponsorship

The level of sports being offered at a High School and onwards level continue to increase as the ability and opportunity to play those sports begin to grow. What we have not seen in the past years is the offering of those programs at an equal level for women. The impact of this sponsorship comes at multiple levels. It helps with us to recruit players ranging from ages 16 to 50! The demographic of women athletes gives your organization an opportunity to brand itself with tomorrow’s young professionals and their families. Sponsorship also allows us to provide updates to equipment, game scheduling and hosting, better safety protocols, better means of transportation and a HUGE increase in opportunity to play other women’s football teams in the surrounding provinces. Sponsoring our team will allow more opportunity for women in Southern Alberta Lethbridge Area to be able to play sports in a competitive and engaging environment, while promoting active, healthy living at any age.


As a sponsor, we appreciate all levels of engagement that a business can provide for our team. In sponsoring our team, we will be able to brand a wide variety of Posters, Programs and Social Media Pages including our website with your logo! We also provide recognition during press releases, home game announcements and photo opportunities! These things provide us the ability to create a positive community image as well as getting your name out as a sponsor. We will also do a “thank you sponsor” social media blast to all “Silver and Gold” sponsors that will have us come to your business (if desired) to do a photo with players that can be posted on both parties’ social media.

How to Sponsor our Association and Team

There are a few ways here that you can sponsor our team:

  1. Monetary donation to become an official team sponsor
  2. Donate Products/Services to be raffled at our tournaments
  3. Offer our team members discounts at your select locations
  4. “Adopt-a-Steel” via personal sponsorship of a player

 The Lethbridge Steel gratefully accepts contributions of any amount or type and will work with your organization to provide adequate recognition for your contributions. If product(s) received are in worth in equivalent amount to sponsorship level, such sponsor will receive recognition for the appropriate amount of total goods value.

Gold Sponsorship

  • Local advertising on team website, Instagram, and Facebook
  • Full page advertising in Steel program
  • Logo placement on banner hung at all team events and games
  • Recognition in games and all team publications



Silver Sponsorship

  • Local advertising on team website, Instagram, and Facebook
  • Recognition in games and all team publications
  • ¼ page advertising in Steel program



Bronze Sponsorship


  • Local advertising on team website, Instagram, and Facebook
  • Recognition in games and all team publications

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