Beginners Football Orientation

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Interested in playing football? Never played or even watched it before? Want to come and try it out before you make a decision? This is the time to do it! We are looking for women of all shapes and sizes to join this fantastic family!


On Saturday February 16 from 11AM to 1PM the Steel will be offering a beginners Football practical orientation at Chinook High School. The session will be for first time players with a smattering of a few returners to demonstrate drills and welcome our new prospects. The goal is to promote the game of Football to prospective players as well as demonstrate what the women of Steel are all about in a high tempo fun circuit type environment.


On Monday February 25 at 7PM-9PM Part II of this prospect recruitment orientation will be a Football theory (101) class at Chinook High. We will cover the following in very broad brush strokes:

  • Overall point of the game
  • Belief that personnel drives the philosophy
  • Offense: positions, division of resources, split flow, attack, ball control, turnovers, momentum, motion, formations
  • Defense: positions, tackling, containment, zone, man, force, blitz
  • Special teams: what are the six teams and very basic terms and mandates


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