2015 Awards:

Outstanding Offensive Player:  Kassidy Atwater

Outstanding Defensive Player: Melissa Litchfield

Outstanding Lineman: Wendy Iwaasa

Most Improved: Candra Faye

Most with least recognition : Christina Wipf

Heart of Steel (Kessie Stefanyk Award): Jessica St. Goddard

MVP: Alex Babiarz-Graveline

Coaches Awards (Medals): Tiana Trimble & Sharla Graham

Rookie of the Year: Natalie Preston

2014 Awards:

Outstanding Offensive Player:   Erin Kowalchuk

Outstanding Defensive Player:  Christine Isleisfon

Outstanding Lineman: Donelly Sellers

Most Improved: Mandy Dion

Most with least recognition : Maggie Rashleigh

Heart of Steel (Kessie Stefanyk Award): Michaela Dilworth-Baum

MVP: Becky Heninger

Coaches Awards (Medals): Randi Kaminski, Kendall Roche

Rookie of the Year: Kassidy Atwater

2013 Awards:

Outstanding Offensive Player:   Carly Dyck

Outstanding Defensive Player:  Kendall Roche

Outstanding Lineman: Kirstin Nakatani

Most Improved: Maggie Rashleigh

Most with least recognition : Sarah Tivadar

Heart of Steel (Kessie Stefanyk Award): Maddy Armstrong

MVP: Becky Heninger

Coaches Awards (Medals): Donnelly Sellers

Rookie of the Year: Sarah Stevens & Bianca Gansner


2012 Awards:

Outstanding Offensive Player:   Becky Pater

Outstanding Defensive Player:  Filomena Bieri

Outstanding Lineman: Maddy Armstrong

Most Improved: Raelyn Callaway

Most with least recognition : Chloe Bryant

Heart of Steel (Kessie Stefanyk Award): April Brower

MVP: Becky Heninger

Coaches Awards (Medals): Allyssa Dyer, Kirstin Nakatani